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A little feedback from some current clients and past colleagues.

“Halo has had a transformational couple of years with big client wins and rapid growth. Sounds great right? It is, but navigating those waters isn’t easy. Developing processes, building an effective management structure, defining roles and responsibilities and laying the foundations to allow us to grow has been testing, and at times, felt like a mountain we were not equipped to climb.

Susie has brought clarity to our business.


Her incredible insight and ability to deeply understand us, our people and our culture has helped us build the structure that will help drive a more profitable, productive and effective agency. We’re only at the beginning of our relationship and already we feel more confident and assured.


She is a mentor, an advisor and a friend.”

Nick Ellis, Creative Partner and Founder, Halo 

“We see Susie as an integral part of the G+V wolf pack and will continue to do so as we grow the agency. She's navigated us through a key period of transition from consolidation to accelerated growth and her guidance is invaluable."

Damian Connop, Creative Director and Founder, G+V 

In only a short time, Susie’s mentoring has dramatically improved the confidence and effectiveness of senior staff at Focus. Through working with Susie there is far more strategic knowledge and understanding within our business and the support she provides is invaluable.


Susie has a clear understanding of our business and the challenges we face and having someone with her experience ‘on our side’ is hugely re-assuring.


Mentoring from Susie is one of the best decisions we have made and we very much look forward to Susie continuing to be part of our growth and success.

Simon Newing, Managing Director and Founder, Focus

“Susie is inspiring and motivating.


She quickly establishes a collaborative and highly creative framework with clients and colleagues and brings a unique balance of strategic insight and bang on intuition. Her ability to identify core business challenges and suggest solutions is extremely valuable.


I strongly recommend Susie. She wins my respect as a very strong business leader with excellent people skills.”

Mark Mason, Entrepreneur and Angel Investor 

“Susie is willing to think beyond the traditional, can accept and accelerate change and has the tenacity to see things through.

The speed with which she gained acceptance as a key influencer in the senior leadership team in Harte Hanks overall was evidenced by her being awarded the Employee of the Year by her peers.


 As a colleague, Susie brings an innate enthusiasm, has a great sense of humour, which builds camaraderie, and she has a natural instinct for client service. Her common-sense approach to leadership means I would have Susie as part of my team in an instant.”

Robert Philpott, ex-CEO of Harte Hanks Plc

“Throughout my time working with Susie I found her to be a rock solid professional who really understood the agency space and could be relied upon to bring a keen commercial perspective to all her decision-making.


Even when faced with difficult choices, she was a strong but thoughtful leader who ensured the needs of clients, staff and the business were always fully considered and supported.”

Rick Carbone, ex-Senior Vice President of Operations at Harte Hanks Plc

“Susie is a highly effective agency executive who combines a number of essential skills. She has great business acumen and can focus on profitability at both the client and agency level.


She is also highly effective with clients both in business development and building relationships. She gets to grips with their business and can execute accordingly. Susie is also thoroughly versed in the techniques of marketing. She is a great asset to any organisation.”

Robert Howells, ex-Group Managing Director at Mason Zimbler

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